Analysis for calculating when a business will have paid itself.

It is necessary to find the unit contribution margin  \( M \) in order to find the breakeven point. You find the margin by subtracting the variable cost per unit  \( C_v \) from price per unit  \( P \) .

\[ P-C_v=M \]

If the investment put into the business  \( I \) is then divided by the unit contribution margin found before, the breakeven volume \( B_v \) can be found or in other words, the number of units the business needs to sell before it has paid back all the fixed cost.

\[ A/M=B_v \]

After this point, the revenue will be a profit minus the variable cost.

The breakeven revenue \( B_r \) can be found by multiplying the breakeven volume \( B_v \) with the selling price

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